Fabric OfSuccess.

These are the stories of our successes. Straight from the mouths of our students, teachers and community participants. These are stories of the impact Gifford Youth Achievement Center has made on this community. 

Tenth Grade Student

GYAC Teacher + Former Student

Senior Programs Participant

First Grade Student

Fourth Grade Student

Tenth Grade Student

First Grade Student

The Thread ToUnite Us.

In a world where dreams often unravel too early, GYAC has been a thread of strength within the community fabric. Our legacy of impact resonates in the victories of our children in school, summer and community. Grades and spirits rise, dreams are built and realized. 

Scholarship Programs

GYAC’s academic programs have been a game changer and our after-school programs are much more than after-school care; GYAC’s unique approach hinges on teaching tailored to each child’s specific grade level. Our degreed teaching team cultivates an age-appropriate curriculum to provide maximum support
Teens are met with a peer-to-peer, gender-based approach in the Dream Chaser program that also works to cement leadership and life skills. 

Building bonds through positive role models remains a hallmark of our mentoring programs, such as Boys 2 Men 2 Greatness. This program connects young black men with influential members of the community, creating strong relationships to help guide and support a path to success.

The impact of these programs speak for itself –
a wait list and an increase in graduation rates from 23% to 80% over twenty years.

Summer Camp

Our work doesn’t cease in the summer months – research and experience has shown the critical impact educational and cultural experiences have on both scholastic success and long-term personal growth. Our summer initiatives serve students in grades 1 through 12, where over 82% of our participants improved reading or math capability in 2017. <BR><BR>

We help halt the slip of academic progress through a combination of scholastic programming and recreational and enrichment opportunities. Through these unique experiences, our GYAC students develop a heightened sense of self, a recognition of their place in this community and the resolve to make their mark on the world. 


Community Programs

GYAC’s presence is a connective fiber in the community—a beating heart in Gifford, a hub upon which our area can depend. While our beginnings are rooted in providing a firm, well-rounded foundation of academics and values for children, our programs have expanded to meet a growing need and now resonates through all generations. <BR><BR>
In addition to our flagship academic and mentoring programs, over 100 adults and seniors enhance their lives through programs such as Beyond Special K and others. Through our educational, social, recreational, and cultural activities on a daily basis, participants learn to interact with each other in a caring, supportive and friendly environment. Activities include computer classes, educational workshops, field-trips, low-impact aerobics, arts & crafts, spiritual enrichment and inter-generational activities with GYAC students.

GYAC has a track record of offering robust programming and providing unique enrichment opportunities, shaping a stronger community one individual at a time.


After School Programs Students Served 208

  • 100% participated in educational enrichment activities
  • 98% improved grades in one or more subject areas
  • 93% completed homework prior to leaving for day
  • 100% participated in on-site counseling
  • 83% improved their attitude toward school
  • 100% made spelling and reading gains in Sonday 1 session of Moonshot Moment program, 85%-92% made gains during Sonday II session
  • Graduation rates have risen from 23% in1998 to
    80% in 2017

Summer CampStudents Served 204

  • Test results showed 82% of students improved in reading and/or math
  • 100% made spelling and reading gains in Sonday 1 session of Moonshot Moment program, 85%-92% made gains during Sonday II session
  • 50 students participated in Science Institute of Discovery STEM program
  • Field trips included tour of Florida Memorial University

"Everything that I have been able to do leads back to my parents and GYAC. It gave me my start, my base, and reinforced all these incredible values. "

Why Should I Be A Dreamweaver?

GYAC is a vital part in the fabric of our community – but it takes many hands to help weave this vision into reality.

We’ve shown we have the capability and capacity to deliver on our promises. We are seeking partners who value the impact GYAC has had on our community and the difference their investment will create.

We want to walk side by side with those for whom the importance of supporting self-sustaining institutions resonates. Together, we will create a stronger, healthier GYAC – a cornerstone that will serve families forever. Be a part of our story.

I Want To Weave Dreams

Together we can transform GYAC into a sustainable community centerpiece, providing families with more than hope, but also the assurance GYAC will remain a vital community resource for future generations.