Pansy's Rainbow

When a family of toy poodles is abandoned in a box, a flood separates Pansy from her sisters and brothers. The pup washes up at the feet of James, a homeless singer and street magician, and his friend and shelter-mate, an intuitive rabbit named Winkie. The two show Pansy loving care and the skills she needs to survive, but Pansy’s great wish is to find her family.

Thus begins Pansy’s quest—filled with perils and ultimate joy, and new friends to help along the way. Each provides her with something unique, some special skill to help guide and protect as they encounter unforeseen conflicts and dangers. Together, the little group faces exciting twists that include rats and feral cats, murderous crows, an enchanted garden, fairyland creatures, and a villain whom Pansy recalls from a troubled past.

Through magic—or is it simply love, heart, and fate?—they arrive at the home of a blind boy,  his ailing mother, and a parrot who helps tend them. They, too, provide a piece of the puzzle, and with the aid of a neighbor they call Farmer Mac, Pansy and her friends move on to a surprising finish.

At long last Pansy finds her pot of gold.

Series Details


“This time, Pansy is on the biggest and most immportant adventure of her life. It’s the most dangerous one yet, with a surprise aneding the you’re going to love. Pansy’s journey teach that what is important are the friendships made and love experienced along the way.” 
—Francine Pascall, creator and writer of the Sweet Valley High and Fearless  series.
There’s no better traveling companion that Pansy the Poodle. I’ve been with her to London, Paris, Rome, even Alaska. But this_her latest journey_is th richest and most moving of all. In Cynthia Bardes’ capable hands, Pansy finds somehting she’ll always come back to: A home.”
—Michael Riedel, American theater critic, boradcaster, and columnist; author 
 Razzle Dazzle: The Battle for Broadway and Singlular Sensation: The Triumph of Broadway

Kid’s Comments

“Pansy inspired me to keep going.” — Nicolás Gomez-Acebo Carney, age 10
“I have been reading the Pansy series since I was little and I love how this chapter book tells how it all began.”  — Hudson Galvin, age 9
“Overall, I think that this book is a 98 out of 100 because I love the language in the story and how it’s not too complicated, so all ages can read it. My favorite part is at the end when Pansy fi nds out the pot of gold was fi lled with LOVE! Also, I think that that is a very important thing. Love is priceless.”  — Griffin Hutton, age 9
“This book was really entertaining. My favorite character was Pansy but, I liked all the char-acters. 
As a kid, I think it is a fun story with many cute characters. If you like books about animals, this is a book for you!” — Kiera Cobbs, age 9

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