Pansy in Venice

Pansy Takes A Dip In Italy…

The Mystery of the Missing Parrot

In the third episode of the Pansy the Poodle Mystery Series of classic children’s books, the fluffy chocolate poodle and her best human friend Avery are called to Venice, Italy, to help find a very important parrot.

Pansy in Venice is perfect for young readers ages 3-7.

The beautiful bird, Penelope, is the beloved companion of the city’s greatest glass-maker. Traveling by speedboat, gondola, and their own six feet, Pansy and Avery follow a mysterious trail of ruby-tipped feathers all the way to a fancy costume ball.

They solve the mystery, reunite Penelope and the glass-blower, and learn the message that loneliness can make people do naughty things, but good friends bring out the best in all of us.

Parents, teachers and librarians appreciate the heirloom-quality hardcover with its extra thick pages and splendid full color illustrations.

Series Details

“This is another great Pansy book! They are very high quality books with very thick pages. These are very age appropriate for my kindergartners. They love trying to figure out the mystery and the story leads to asking them the probing questions they are working on in school. I highly recommend these books. One of my daughters can’t wait until the next Pansy book comes out! She loves to try and figure out where the next book will take place!”

— Dawn, Amazon Review

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