Pansy in Rome

Pansy Takes On Primo Pasta Adventures…

The Mystery of the Missing Cat

Pansy the poodle and her human friend Avery have solved mysteries all over the world―from foiling a jewel thief in Los Angeles to tracking down a talented lion cub in Africa. For their newest adventure, they travel to Rome, where a cat with culinary skills has vanished from one of the city’s best restaurants. Chef Mario is desperate to find her, so it is Pansy to the rescue!

As Pansy and Avery scour Rome, listening for Angelina’s bell and sniffing the air for her signature garlic scent, they encounter such sites as the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, and learn some useful Italian words. When they finally find Angelina, in the kitchen of a rival chef, they must teach him some lessons about stealing, envy, and the value of friendship. Most important of all, he learns that he must find his unique talent, rather than trying to copy his friend. In the end,all are reunited for a tasty picnic, and Pansy and Avery reaffirm their own special friendship.

Seventh in the “Pansy the Poodle Mystery Series” of classic children’s books. “Pansy in Rome” is perfect for developing reading skills in young readers age 3-7.

Series Details

“A joyful Italian Romp with a heartfelt message”

— Amanda Robinson, Mother of 2

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