Pansy in Paris

Oooh la la, Pansy Takes On France…

A Mystery at the Museum

Pansy the Poodle and her human pal Avery are off on a new adventure sure to delight young readers age 3-7. This time they are asked to solve a new mystery: who is stealing paintings from the museum in Paris, France?

The two best friends follow the clues, catch the thieves, and return the missing artwork, having lots of fun and surprises as they explore the beautiful city and enjoy its treasures.

Pansy in Paris teaches the message that a job well done brings its own satisfaction, as readers learn the special values of friendship and helping others.

Parents, teachers and librarians appreciate the heirloom-quality hardcover with its extra thick pages and splendid full color illustrations.

Series Details

“You are never too young to enjoy a mystery with charm, excitement and a heroine you love. Add in a trip to Paris and you have a winner.”

— Ann Perry, NYT bestselling author

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