Pansy in London

Pansy Travels Across The Pond…

The Mystery of the Missing Puppy

Pansy the poodle and her human friend Avery have solved mysteries all over the world―from foiling a jewel thief in Los Angeles to tracking down a talking monkey in New York.

Their London adventure may be the most important yet. They’ve been summoned to Buckingham Palace, by Queen Elizabeth herself, to find Lily, one of her beloved Corgi puppies. As the two sleuths follow clues around London, they visit its most famous sights, from Big Ben to the Tower of London, to Selfridge’s Department Store. They learn what English people call hotdogs (bangers) and what they call policemen (bobbies). They even ride on the top of a double-decker bus.

Pansy in London is perfect for developing reading skills in young emergent readers age 3-7.

Parents, teachers and librarians appreciate the heirloom-quality oversized hardcover with its extra thick pages and splendid full color illustrations.

In the end, using their usual ingenuity and brainpower, Pansy and Avery solve the mystery, catch the dog thief, and return Lily to the Palace. The Queen throws a royal celebration and Pansy is once again reminded of the importance of friendship, forgiveness, and love.

Give the kid in your life the gift of reading with Pansy in London. Fifth in the Pansy the Poodle Mystery Series of classic children’s books.

Designed to spark reading skills while learning about diversity and friendship in cultures worldwide.

Series Details

“A joyful Italian Romp with a heartfelt message”

— Amanda Robinson, Mother of 2

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