Pansy in Alaska

Pansy the poodle and her human friend  Avery have solved mysteries all over the world, from foiling a jewel thief in Los Angeles to recovering a cat with culinary skills in Rome. In their latest adventure, they travel to Alaska, where a bear cub and a baby moose have run away together. Bears and moose have always been enemies, and their parents want them found right away!  
With the help of a local ranger, Pansy and Avery follow the trail of the missing animals, all the while learning about the unique landscape and wildlife of Alaska, from its magnificent glaciers and icebergs to its massive whales and exotic birds. When they finally find the little moose and bear, they discover that the two have become best friends, regardless of their differences. 
They take the runaways back home, where the baby animals teach their families that there is no reason to hate or fear others just because they are different. 
Soon, all of the moose and bears are united in friendship and Pansy and Avery celebrate their own special bond with a dogsled ride. 

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Comments from parents:

“We all grew up reading the Pansy series, our family’s classics.”
“My son wanted to call Pansy to find his grandmother’s bathing suit!”
“So relieved a new adventure is out, I have been reading the last one every night for weeks.”
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