Campaign Video

The Story Behind The Drive

End The Waitlist.Expand Opportunity.

We weave our stories, tied together by the fabric of community. For twenty years GYAC has helped shape the paths of countless families – and our dream is to continue encouraging, emboldening and empowering these faces of the future.

We work so every child who walks through our doors has a chance to graduate from high school and choose a life rooted in stability and joy. Help us continue weaving these dreams into reality by expanding past our wait list. More room means capacity to enroll more students, translating to greater impact through GYAC.

"I am still as enthusiastic about motivating and inspiring students as I was the very first day that I started teaching in 1968. Knowing you are making a difference in the lives of students is the ultimate reward”

Why Should I Be A Dreamweaver?

GYAC is a vital part in the fabric of our community – but it takes many hands to help weave this vision into reality.

We’ve shown we have the capability and capacity to deliver on our promises. We are seeking partners who value the impact GYAC has had on our community and the difference their investment will create.

We want to walk side by side with those for whom the importance of supporting self-sustaining institutions resonates. Together, we will create a stronger, healthier GYAC – a cornerstone that will serve families forever. Be a part of our story.

I Want To Weave Dreams

Together we can transform GYAC into a sustainable community centerpiece, providing families with more than hope, but also the assurance GYAC will remain a vital community resource for future generations.