The beloved classic series of children's books featuring Pansy the Poodle and her human friend Avery

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You're Never Too Small To Make A Difference...

Explore and investigate the mysteries that await Pansy the Poodle and Avery, the girl who whisked Pansy to a forever home with a loving family. Spurred by curiosity and a will to help those in need, Pansy makes an impact wherever she goes – proving no one is too small to make a difference.

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I was completely charmed by Pansy... Like the Eloise books, these are classics – wonderful books that no child will ever forget.”

Francine Pascal, bestselling author of Sweet Valley High and over 150,000,000 books sold​

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In this book, Pansy narrates the story. She is a little brown poodle who lived in an animal shelter and feared she would never be adopted. But then that all changed when Avery came to the shelter. Avery took this wonderful little puppy home to the luxurious Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills and from there adventure abounds.

The character creation is so fabulous that we actually can see through the eyes of this puppy, Mr. Bijoux, Monsieur DuMal and of course Desiree the mean nature’d cat. What happens in this story I won’t divulge but your children will absolutely fall in love with the little puppy and the antics of what happens in the hotel and the mystery that this young pup solves.

Children will also get to see that it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, you can still make a huge difference in the lives of others. I feel that this is a lesson that ALL children should learn. The graphics in the book are fabulous and will catch the eye of even the youngest reader.

I highly recommend this book not only for the lesson but also the imagery. I also must say that I applaud this author for bringing awareness to the Humane Society and local shelters. And I recommend that anyone searching for a pet please do visit them to get your next kitty or puppy, because there are many animals looking for that forever family just like Pansy.

Christina Condy, Recent Reads

Pansy at the Palace is a mystery book for children written by Cynthia Bardes. Pansy is a poodle who is waiting for the perfect person to come adopt her from the shelter. When a little girl named Avery walks in, Pansy knows she is the one.

Avery lives in a very posh Beverly Hills Hotel and living in a hotel is a new adventure for Pansy. Pansy loves her new life of meeting all the nice people, eating by the pool, and of course playing with Avery.

The only thing that isn’t perfect is a mean cat named Desiree. Pansy can sense something is amiss with the strange cat. Suddenly there is a jewel thief stealing from everyone in the hotel. If Avery and Pansy don’t find out who it is their beloved hotel will close down.

Follow sweet Pansy on her hotel adventure! This is a very sweet story that children will enjoy. Pansy and Avery are easy characters to fall in love with and cheer on. The illustrations are soft and charming and complement the story well. The storyline is not scary, but is still exciting so it is suitable for children of all ages.

My children really enjoyed Pansy’s hotel mystery and have asked to read it several times. This is a cute book for the keeper shelf.

For Every Season

The story of Pansy was borne out Cynthia Bardes’ tragedy; she was struck by an auto and required recuperation to heal from the accident. During that time of recovery, she wrote a story about her dog Pansy, a brown poodle who goes on a mysterious adventure.

This adventure is the subject and theme of the book Pansy at the Palace. Pansy the poodle is the narrator of the book, and she begins her life humbly enough at an animal shelter. She is thankfully rescued by a little girl who takes her to the Beverly Hills Palace Hotel to live with her human family. Pansy enjoys the high life until she experiences an unfortunate run in with a bossy jealous cat named Desirée. Next, some jewels go missing and the search for the real thief begins (or thieves – no spoilers here!).

The book is written in the “Madeline”-type of vein with classic illustrations, water colored people seen on tall pages (the book is nicely over-sized) and brightly clothed characters who are the epitome of high class. Boys and girls will enjoy the mystery aspect of the book because it is written for children of any age to enjoy.

Pansy is a modest dog with courage, ethics and high moral character (not a frilly, spoiled diva-type of a pet). Children will remember her tenacity, and it will no doubt become a retold children’s favorite for years and years to come. Rating: ★★★★★

Poppy Johnson, Luxury Reading

PANSY AT THE PALACE by Cynthia Bardes is a delightful children’s fiction.

Pansy is an irresistible poodle adopted from an animal shelter by a little girl named Avery,who lives at the Palace Hotel. When a theft occurs at the hotel, Pansy is on the job. Full of suspense, mystery, adventure and the love of an animal.

A story that is not only charming,with lovable characters but will also excite your young one. Move over Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, canine detective Pansy is on the job. A delightful story for all ages with beautiful illustrations. A must for children,adults,grandparents.

Received for an honest review from the author and/or publisher. Details can be found at the author’s website,Octobre Press,and My Book Addiction and More.

RATING: 5 April,

Book Addictions

This is a wonderful book in so many ways. Pansy at the Palace will appeal to a wide age range, from non-readers to early school age.

The pages are thick, sturdy tear-resistant pages which are perfect for younger children, and the story is intricate enough to interest early school aged children.

My two-year old granddaughter loved it. I appreciated that the story was about shelter pets and the adoption of Pansy. The pen & ink and watercolor illustrations  are outstanding.

This is a large hard cover book at about 12 ¼” long and 9 ¼” wide. The detailed illustrations fill the page beautifully and the colors are bright and appealing.

I highly recommend this book and I think it would make a perfect gift book.

Linda, Book Visions

In this delightful read, we meet Pansy, a sweet little dog who lives at the Animal Shelter. Pansy does not think she will ever be adopted, but one day a little girl comes in and immediately falls in love with her.

Pansy than begins her new life at the Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills. Pansy loves her new family and her new life but something is happening at the hotel. Jewels are missing. Who could the thief be? With the help of Pansy the mystery is soon solved.

I enjoyed this read. the author immediately captured your attention with the hopeful animals that were awaiting love and a home at the Shelter. The story brings to light the love between hman and animals, and the devotion animals give to their owners. Although just a story, I believe it also brings home the point that our animals are aware of our emotions and situations that upset us. The fact that Pansy saved the day was perfect. Perhaps not too far fetched, as I myself have read many stories where animals have indeed ‘saved the day.’

The illustrations were wonderful, big, bold, bright and colorful. They definitely brought to life the story. I truly enjoyed looking at each one, gazing upon the faces of the people and the activities going on. Great job.

The construction of the book is outstanding, well made and should endure many page turnings from the little one. All in all a wonderful book that I am pleased to recommend.

Shirley Johnson

We are a big fan of Pansy books in our household of 3-6 year olds. This was the third Pansy book we read (even though it is the first in the series) and my kids loved finding out how Avery got Pansy.

They are very high quality books with very thick pages. These are very age appropriate for my kindergartners. They love trying to figure out the mystery and the story leads to asking them the probing questions they are working on in school.

I highly recommend these books. One of my daughters can’t wait until the next Pansy book comes out!



The day that a little girl named Avery accompanied by her mother walks into the animal shelter in Los Angeles is a new beginning for the little poodle living at the shelter. Avery took one look and immediately decided to name the poodle Pansy and take Pansy home. Pansy is overjoyed.

Pansy had watched other animals leave the shelter for new homes and now it is her turn. Soon Pansy arrived at the Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills where Avery introduces Pansy to employees and hotel guests. Pansy loved Avery, her new life and all her new friends. Life is carefree and fun for Pansy. When it is discovered that jewelry is discovered missing, everyone is upset. Hotel management is fearful that guests will leave if the thief is not discovered.

Pansy proves to be a smart poodle and a good detective when she discovers the thief. This book is ideal for all young children. The illustrations bring the story of Pansy to life.

This book is wonderful addition to any child’s book collection.


Pansy at The Palace is a wonderful children’s book that reminded me of the Eloise stories of my childhood! But instead of a little girl who lives at the Plaza in New York, we have the rescue-pup Pansy who lives at the Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills. Of course, she is in the company of Avery, who brought her home from a shelter. They both have the same shade of brown curly hair, and it was love at first sight.

Pansy arrives at the Palace just as some valuable jewels go missing, and the future of the hotel is in jeopardy. Of course, it’s Pansy who solves the mystery to the delight of everyone.

Pansy at The Palace is a definite keeper that your child will want to read again and again. The illustrations make the simple story come to life, and the four-year-old I read this book to thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the faces and remarking on the action on the pages. This book is designed to be a family heirloom, passed from one child to another in your family. The quality of this volume has to be seen to be appreciated!

I only hope that Pansy at the Palace will be the first in a series of books about Avery and Pansy — along with the rich cast of characters we see. The possibilities could be endless!

RATING: 5 Lovely Reader RATING: 5
Lovely Reader

Reviewing this 32 page children’s mystery masterpiece brought waves of warmth and well being right into my soul. This simple sweet canine who-done-it had me laughing one minute and pondering the next. The courageous author with her quick wit and creativity took me half the way and the amazing vivid and expressive illustrations took me the rest of the way.

This wee one has easily made it onto my nightstand for those times when sleep eludes me. I would recommend this little bundle of dynamite to anyone who wants to feel love in it’s purest form. Thank you both, for a blessed ride.

Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today

Looking for something to stuff the Easter baskets with that won’t give kids a sugar high and rot their teeth out? We’ve got a few ideas to help! You’re welcome.

Idea #1: BOOKS First off, just out this month is Cynthia Bardes latest children’s book, Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum My kids (boy 3, girl 6) thoroughly enjoyed this book and asked me to read it again when it was over. It really is a cute story with delightful artwork. This is definitely one children’s book worth checking out.

There are more books in the “Pansy” series as well that we can’t wait to read. Visit or click here to read more about the author and her dog Pansy (a real-life poodle!)

Sarah Jean, The Fashionable Housewife 

Allow me to introduce you to Pansy, a beautiful poodle who has been adopted into a loving family and a sweet little girl, Avery. Avery and Pansy start begin their lifelong friendship in Beverly Hills… What comes after Beverly Hills? Well, Paris of course!

Since Pansy and Avery were able to solve the mystery at the Palace Hotel, Inspector Claude writes to the dynamic duo, asking them to come to Paris to solve the mystery of the missing paintings! Will Pansy and Avery find the thief? Will they solve the mystery? Will they help Inspector Claude?

Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out! But here’s what you should know – Pansy in Paris is a delightful tale of friendship, fun, and teamwork. The positive message will be an asset to the education of any child who is lucky enough to get their hands on a copy, and the vibrant illustrations are sure to spark every readers imagination!

I was thrilled when the publishers of this title gifted The Write Teacher(s) with a copy of this literary treasure, and so, we’re spreading the love.

Megan, The Write Teacher(s) RATING: 5 

The greatest gift for any child is the enjoyment of reading, so get them started early. A new addition to her series is Cynthia Bardes’ Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum ($18.95, Octobre Press), illustrated by Virginia Best.

Her previous book was “Pansy at the Palace: A Beverly Hills Mystery.” In this one Pansy, a poodle and Avery, a little girl who adopted her, solve who is stealing paintings with a story that will surely entertain those to whom it is read or old enough to read it for themselves.

It is told from Pansy’s point of view and this large format book with full page artwork is just delightful.

Alan Caruba, Alan Caruba Reviews

Pansy in Paris: A Mystery in the Museum by Cynthia Bardes, illustrated by Virginia Best, is the second book in which Pansy, a toy poodle, solves mysteries.

Pansy and Avery (the little girl who owns her) are high class with moral sensibilities about right and wrong. When an inspector from Paris calls on Pansy to solve another museum mystery, Avery and Pansy have little choice but to get Avery’s mother to agree to a trip to Paris.

The illustrations are bright and resemble paintings, which is a testament to Best’s background as a painter. The illustrations look like water color paintings, and go perfectly with the charming story of Pansy and her owner.

Pansy and Avery even have the time to take in the sights in Paris, while solving the mystery. My daughter loves dogs, and we have a shelter dog of our own. Pansy is intelligent and quick-witted. My daughter loves animals and it was great seeing her react to the pictures and listening to the story.

There is conflict, an adorable dog, and tourist sights in the book, but there’s also a museum full of doggie portraits and famous doggie artists.

Pansy in Paris: A Mystery in the Museum by Cynthia Bardes, illustrated by Virginia Best, is adorable and fun, but there’s a little too much text for my little reader, but it does make a good book to read together.

Serena, Savvy Verse & Wit

Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum is author Cynthia Bardes’ new picture book. My 4-year-old, Cheyenne particularly became enthralled with this story.

Pansy and her owner, Avery live at the Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills. Upon traveling to Paris, they find themselves on a new adventure. Together, they must work to solve the mystery of how is stealing the missing paintings?

Cheyenne absolutely loved following along to find the clues. It was really easy for her to help figure out the mystery herself this way. She pulls out this book about every other day to read it since we received it in the mail. The artwork in this book is bright and delightful as well. I won’t reveal the answer to the mystery to you, so be sure to check out Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum for yourself!”

Farrah, A Fulfilled Mommy Column

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