September 10, 2016

Pansy In New York Book Signing at Bergdorf Goodman | December 2016

Pansy the Poodle is coming to New York! Not just in print, as the newest installment is about to hit bookstores – but quite literally, as […]
August 21, 2016

Maze Home Store Book Signing A Delight in Illinois | Featured in NS Magazine

To the delight of many fans, Cynthia Bardes and her pup detective, Pansy the Poodle, made another appearance at Maze Home Store in Illinois to showcase the […]

Author of the Children’s book series Pansy the Poodle.

October 14, 2015

Pansy Picks Her Top Historical Adventures

One of my favorite things about being with Avery is our ability to adventure anywhere – from the Parisian museums to Venetian mysteries, we have gotten […]
October 12, 2015

Top Dog Movies

It’s so difficult to narrow down to the top dog of canine cinema – especially with such delightful and memorable moments over the last hundred years. However, […]
October 11, 2015

Poodleful Review

LISA ANGELL – MINI REVIEW OF “POODLEFUL!” Riverside Theatre This playful and visually stylish musical for children and their families, reminds us again and again “You’re […]
October 11, 2015

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