Upcoming Appearances

Pansy the Poodle author, Cynthia Bardes will be unveiling the latest installment in the Pansy the Poodle series this summer, winter and fall, making several stops to showcase Pansy in Africa. Take a look to see what is on the schedule!

Authors Night + Children’s Fair  |  East Hampton, NY  | August 11-12, 2018

Peninsula Hotel of Beverly Hills Book Release Signing |  Beverly Hills, California | October 2018

Private Los Angeles Book Signing |  Los Angeles, California | October 2018

Private Palm Beach Cocktail Soiree and Signing | Palm Beach, Florida | Fall 2018

Bergdorf Goodman Signing | New York, New York | December 2018

The Breakers Signing |  Palm Beach, Florida  |  December 2018

Vero Beach Book Center Signing | Vero Beach, Florida | February 2018

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