Pansy The Poodle Hits #1, #2 AND #3 on Best Seller List | Vero Beach Bookcenter Signing, February 2016

Pansy the Poodle’s third installment, “Pansy in Venice” hit the #1 spot on the Vero Beach Bookcenter’s Best Seller list for children’s books, with her prior titles, “Pansy in Paris” and “Pansy at the Palace” firmly entrenched in the second and third position. The popular series, featuring global sleuthing that inspires children to experience georgraphy, history and life lessons has been a staple of the Florida bookstore – all three titles and accompanying plush companion have sold out. The series’ author, Cynthia Bardes, recently hosted a well-attended signing on February 25, that left fans eager for another…and clues as to the upcoming mystery in New York.


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