Poodleful: Riverside’s season opener; folk art at museum | Vero Beach 32963

Excerpt from October 22, 2015 edition of Vero Beach 32063 
by Michelle Genz

…in September patrons got a taste of Salisbury’s remarkable talent with the premier of the children’s musical he and Riverside music director Ken Clifton created together. “Poodleful,” based on the first in a series of children’s books by Cynthia Bardes, was as adorable as it was well-acted, with a squirm-squelching pace easily maintained by a cast of exuberant apprentice actors recruited fir Riverside Children’s Theatre this year.

What really shone were Clifton’s songs, aimed at an audience that was probably missing naptime, but that also needed to appeal to the grown-ups in tow. They did – I overheard a mom singing the title song “Poo-poo-poo-poodleful!” on the way out…


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