Top Dog Movies

It’s so difficult to narrow down to the top dog of canine cinema – especially with such delightful and memorable moments over the last hundred years. However, there are just some pooch pictures that stick in the mind and have cemented themselves in the Pansy the Poodle movie pantheon.

1. 101 Dalmatians

Who doesn’t love a little sleuthing, mixed with a tale about the importance of family? Right up this pup’s alley, 101 Dalmatians is a classic tale featuring some spontaneous and smart little pups, two devoted parents and owners who will stop at nothing to rescue their beloved doggie daughters and sons from the evil clutches of the greedy and inhumane Cruella DeVille. A perfect cartoon – two paws up!

2. Bolt

While we’re talking about animated pups, let’s give a moment to highlight my favorite super-hero, Bolt! This rollicking movie is about the canine star of a fictional sci-fi/action show that believes his powers are real embarks on a cross country trek to save his co-star from a threat he believes is just as real. Highlighting the importance of loyalty (to his owner) and never giving up, Bolt teams with unexpected allies in a hamster and cat to get back to his beloved home and discovers the meaning of true bravery along the way

3. Lassie

The iconic collie who specialized in loyalty and rescue is at the heart of my top five. The original proof that you’re never too small to make a difference, Lassie then sets off for a long trek to her Yorkshire home. She faces many perils along the way, dog catchers and a violent storm, but also meets kind people who offer her aid and comfort. At the end, when her owner has given up hope of ever seeing his dog again, the weary Lassie returns to her favorite resting place in the schoolyard at home. There, Lassie is joyfully reunited with the boy she loves.

4. Turner and Hooch

What do you get when you mix a big, slobbery, determined pooch with a detective that detests dogs? Wacky hijinks, of course! This unlikely pair teams up to solve crimes and track down the bad guys (sound like anyone you know??) and show the value of great teamwork. Even our craziest dogs leave us with the fondest memories, and Hooch turned out to be quite beneficial after all!

5. Milo and Otis

Who says dogs and cats can’t get along? This delightful  movie (Originally a Japanese film) tracks the fun and adventures of a little kitten and a silly pug as they cross the wilderness to get back to the ones that they love. Filled with laughter and a showing the importance of true friendship, this film is a winner from start to finish.


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