5 Ways To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

1. Make sure your home is pet proofed. Ensure products that may be dangerous and areas that may entrap or cause your pet harm are secured – your precious pup needs to be in a safe environment. Research to learn what human foods are harmful and keep out of reach or paw length.

2. Show your pup you care – make your four-legged friend feel like part of the family! Dogs love companionship and thrive from a loving relationship with their owners.

3. Ensure proper health maintenance, take your dog to the vet on a regular basis to ensure she or he is in tip-top shape! Also consider spaying or neutering your dog – they’re less likely to have behavioral problems and may even have a healthier life.

4. Take your best friend for walks and exercise them properly. Behavioral problems can stem from being cooped up and not having an adequate amount of exercise…how would you like being confined all day and all night? bet you’d get a little crazy, so give your puppy a chance to run and expend that energy!

5. Make new friends! Socializing your pet can give them an outlet for that pent up energy and reinforce proper behavior…and life is too short to not make friends.

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