Yip, yip! Pansy the Poodle here. Join me as I travel all over the world solving mysteries.

The series follows the adventures of Pansy the poodle detective who lives in the Palace Hotel with her human best friend Avery. As Pansy’s fame grows, they travel the globe solving mysteries, foiling villainous plots, and learning life lessons.

Pansy inAlaska

Pansy the poodle and her human friend Avery have solved mysteries all over the world, from foiling a jewel thief in Los Angeles to recovering a cat with culinary skills in Rome. In their latest adventure, they travel to Alaska, where a bear cub and a baby moose have run away together. Bears and moose have always been enemies, and their parents want them found right away!


Pansy inRome

Pansy the poodle and her human friend Avery have solved mysteries all over the world―from foiling a jewel thief in Los Angeles to tracking down a talented lion cub in Africa. For their newest adventure, they travel to Rome, where a cat with culinary skills has vanished from one of the city’s best restaurants. Chef Mario is desperate to find her, so it is Pansy to the rescue.

"Another winner in the Pansy the Poodle Mystery Series" -- Ellen Feld, Feathered Quill

Pansy inAfrica

In Pansy in Africa, Pansy the Poodle and her human friend Avery travel even farther from home, on a safari in Africa, where a beloved lion cub has gone missing. Pansy and Avery volunteer to help find the cub, and set off with their guides to follow paw prints and other clues. Learn More …

Designed to spark reading skills while exploring diversity and friendship in cultures around the world. All "Pansy the Poodle" books are now available on Kindle or iBooks.

Series Details

The best loved children’s book series, Pansy the Poodle is geared to children 3-7 years of age and exposes them to geography, culture, problem solving and life lessons. With vibrant illustrations and a fun fast-paced plot, Pansy the Poodle is a perfect addition to the family library. They are an excellent way to teach a child to read. Young emergent readers develop reading and visual skills while enjoying stories and characters they relate to.

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